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3rd Anniversary Of ‘Fast And Furious’ Star Paul Walker’s Death

3rd Anniversary Of ‘Fast And Furious’ Star Paul Walker’s Death

There is hardly any automobile nut who hasn’t watched the “Fast and Furious” movie series. Of course throughout the movie series, one can see some drool inducing, fully customised cars that take your breath away, but it is the chemistry between ‘Dom’ and ‘Brian’ that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker immortalised on the silver screen and which will always remain in our memories.

It is Paul Walker’s third death anniversary and the automobile and movie enthusiast in us could not resist putting up a short remembrance story.

We all remember Paul Walker bursting on to the scene as the righteous LAPD cop in ‘The Fast and the Furious’, way back in 2001 and then, over the years, he reprised his role as Vin Diesel’s brother-in-arms, Brian O’Connor in the rest of the movie franchises.

No one can forget his love for ‘imported’ (read Japanese) sportscars and here is a list of our favourite cars that Paul has driven throughout the movie series. We would like to think of it as a tribute to him on his third death anniversary.

They say, if you love something way too much, it kills you and perhaps, that’s exactly how Paul met his maker. He was sitting with his friend Roger Rodas, crashed into a concrete lamp post in Rodas’ 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, three years ago.

The car burst into flames upon impact and well, we lost a gem of an actor forever. Rest in peace, Paul! You will always stay in our hearts.
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